Why is Budapest the best place for your stag do?!
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Budapest may not have the flashiness of Paris, London, Rome, and any of its other Western European counterparts, but it can still certainly hold its own in terms of beauty and excitement. With a host of attractions and offerings, this city is certainly the best place for your stag do.

The Hungarian capital is known for its old-world architecture. So if you prefer your Budapest stag do to be intimate and cultured, an architecture and heritage tour should be in order. Sites, such as the neo-gothic Parliament and the various spots in Castle Hill, make for a worthwhile exercise in intellectual fun.

Another great way to see the city and spend your Budapest stag do is by doing it aboard a beer bike. Take in the sights of this Central European city in between sips of beer. Definitely a fun way to check out the city. Else, go on a Danube River cruise. Hold a yacht party with your buddies as you drink the night away.

For a different kind of Budapest stag do , indulge in what has made the city a target of ancient Roman colonization: its spas. Dotted around the city are thermal spas that provide the locals and tourists alike the opportunity to enjoy the warm water's therapeutic and healing properties.

The most popular of these spas is the Szechenyi Baths, a century-old thermal spa marked by vast swimming pools and opulent architecture. This certainly makes for a great way to celebrate your Budapest stag do and spend your last days of singlehood.

Otherwise, you and you buddies can hop on a limo as you hop around bars in different sections of the town. Go on a guided pub tour as you explore the spots locals go to for a drink or two.

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